Staying on top of everything you need to know keeps getting harder. Whether you are a journalist, government official or corporate specialist, you need to keep up with the non-stop flood of news, social media and information from sources around the globe.



Falling behind
is not an option.

With so many feeds and screens to check, it’s easy to miss something. With so much misinformation swirling around, it’s easy to get distracted. It’s all highly inefficient.
With the 3.0 release, we’re giving you more control and putting our internally developed AI to work. Check out details of our key new features below. And we’ll continue to make improvements over time, with more elements in the pipeline.

Now analyzes content from all of your designated sources and spotlights important topics you should know about or follow. This puts you ahead when it comes to discovering crucial trends.

Delivr examines your query and then searches for matching items across nearly 200k global news websites. Never miss relevant content, even from sources you did not pre-select.

Sort by relevance Sometimes
the latest isn’t the best fit for your research. Sort results of your queries according to customized filters, such as trustworthiness, your usage behavior or any combination of them.

Link collector If there is a link to an article in a post or tweet, you don’t usually see it. Our link collector also ingests the article into the system and hence makes it searchable.

Timeline The timeline gives you the opportunity to explore how your stories have evolved. Zoom into specific time periods and see exactly what happened during that time.

MOT Make an asset become the search. Select an article which you are interested in and let™ 3.0 propose only results with similar content. Thus, narrowing down the mass of articles to the ones that are just right for your topic.

Meet™™ is the most powerful tool on the market for news and information monitoring, in a software package that integrates with publishing platforms and internal documents, including email. With extensive, customizable features, provides:

Multi-platform tracking scans across news sites, social media feeds, video and internal archives, such as PDFs and even email. Create the topic you want to monitor, set search and source parameters, and customize display preferences.

Enhanced relevance

Using internally developed artificial intelligence, can provide the most relevant results for your research.

Credibility’ extensive database of information sources excludes known providers of fake news and misinformation.


With our new app, you’ll get functionality on the go, anywhere.


Inside are tools for content sharing of text and images.