We start a new trial!

Let's now focus on the US elections!

experience new possibilities with our free trial starting September 1st

What we offer:

A new 30 days trial with a completely new setup

What you get:

  1. 1000+ new politics-related sources
  2. a new possibility of profile building
  3. all the updates from candidates, running mates & US-politicians
  4. access to deleted messages (once we have them, we keep them!)
  5. opinions of influencers, NGOs, movements, journalists,...
  6. news updates from dpa and other important US-newspapers

Like before, no obligations or costs arise from participation and we would love
to add your personal relevant sources too!
Stay tuned for a more detailed introduction when the new profile is released!

We will follow up with those who register for the free trial and reach out to all at the end of August with further information on how to participate and work with x.news™. The trial access starts on September 1st and is valid for 30 days.