Working with™ timeline

linegraph News coverage on current topics can be compared to a heartbeat: there are ups and downs and sometimes dramatic moments when the graph peaks and the excitement is reflected in the quantity and interval of articles.™' timeline makes these events visible and offers the viewer a number of possibilities. You can easily reach it by clicking on the linegraph at the right side of the tool bar.

full timeline

timeline snippet By hovering the mouse over this area, you can see how the data source is structured. We have already seen this roughly because of the different colors of he lines, now we will have a closer look. Sometimes topics are discussed especially in a certain channel. Learning what was published where and when and to which extent helps you to classify events.

First you will see the totality of all published contributions to your current search. We have chosen to observe the topic "coronavirus" and between the soft curves we discover a striking highlight on 20.04.2020.

Did you know that you can also filter articles from a specific time period? Just left-click on the timeline and hold down the left mouse button while moving from your desired start to end point. The timeline will now adapt
to your selection and only the content of the chosen period will be displayed.

filter by time™' timeline helps you to observe stories in their temporal course. This saves you a lot of time in your research and allows you to follow story developments quickly and easily across multiple channels.