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Medientage München GmbH the organizer of Europe’s biggest media conference, has joined the global growing number of x.news™ clients. Medientage München GmbH  will be using x.news™ as their main tool for live monitoring and research to aggregate content from all relevant new media sources, enabling their users to find topic related information in real-time, collaborate across the team and allow better and more accurate creation of reports for their management. to read the whole press release pls. click here 

As an alliance partner, x.news is proud to be part of Avid's Nordic tour with stops in:

Helsinki – November 14
Oslo – November 16
Stockholm – November 21
Copenhagen – November 23

x.news will be holding presentations on the media cloud era.

We are looking forward to seeing you there.

To reserve your space please contact roman.rogozhnikov@avid.com

x.news from today on will be globally available through the "Microsoft Partner Sales Connect"

great support from the global DX team of Microsoft   Microsoft Azure ISV Datasheet - x.news


An international jury has awarded x.news information technology gmbh - and its product x.news - an aws impulse XL grant from the "austria wirtschaftsservice" (aws), recognising it as a highly innovative product. aws will co-fund the further development of the new and innovative features over the next 12 months, enabling the company to keep ahead of its competition and increase its market share. Andy Pongratz, x.news CEO, said "We are thrilled that this international jury has judged x.news™ - our research platform for journalists - to be a game changer in the market of digital journalism."