x.news information technology gmbh is the company behind the award-winning on-demand solution for the modern newsroom and enterprise market, running on various cloud platforms. It is a powerful AI based live story research tool that transforms the way journalists work by monitoring the different sources (news agencies, social media sites, web and internal sources) all on one screen. x.news 2.0 enables the search within PDFs, internal IPTC/EXIF image libraries, emails and WhatsApp group chats. With x.news™, journalists can find, follow, collect and share all the latest information to deliver better and faster journalism.



Andreas Pongratz

Founder, CEO/CMO

over 25 years experience in management of companies in the digital media space. Clients include RedBull, Telecom Austria, Deluxe, HP, BBC, AWS where he acts as chairman of jury for innovation.


Markus Prochazka

Key Account Manager Global Media Market

20 years experience in Software design, managed many national as well as international projects with clients including Telecom Austria, RedBull, ORF, AAP, Autonomy


Simon Andrewes

Editorial Director

30 years experience of broadcast and digital newsrooms. Previously journalist and senior manager at BBC News, designing and leading newsroom change programmes and new technology implementation.


Philip Pock

Head of Development

Bachelor’s degree from the UAS Technikum Vienna, 10+ years of experience in software development


Martin J. Pröll

Support Manager

10+ years experience in media and corporate software and hardware support


Yvonne Novak



Lukas Proksch